Quality Certificates and Policy

  • ISO 9001
    Certificate Name
    ISO 9001:2015 ISO
    First Issue Date
    Issue Date
    Expiry Date
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    Our organization is approved to have the highest level of appropriate management system compliant with the applicable standard principles in conducting our work in the areas of; payroll and payroll audit consultancy, training, work permit, occupational health & safe management, human resources management and professional employer services.

    Our services and the quality of our work are guaranteed with our ISO 9001 Certification.

  • Certificate Name:
    Management System as per TS ISO 10002:2014
    Initial Certification Date:
    Issue Date:
    Valid Until:
    Certificate No :
    Our office has been awarded the prestigious TS ISO 10002:2014 Certification by TÜV AUSTRIA, in recognition of the quality of its customer feedback management system. Payroll services, human resource consulting, software development payroll and human resource software, performance and career management
  • Certificate Name:
    ISO 27001:2013
    Initial Certification Date :
    Issue Date :
    Valid Until :
    Certificate No:
    Our offices are able to demonstrate an ability to efficiently handle confidential customer data. Achieving certification and proving our ability to securely manage our customers data has allowed us to strengthen the levels of trust between us and, at the same time, providing assurances that we are following ISO 27001 information security best practice.
  • ISO 9001
    ISO 22301:2012
    Reissue Date
    Valid Date
    Certificate No

    Our organization meets the requirements of sustainable management system in Payroll Services, Human Resources Consultancy and Software Development.

  • ISO 9001
    ISAE 3402 Type II
    Issue Date

    In regards to outsource, payroll, online payroll software, professional employership, compliance and consulting services which are provided by Boss; GDS 3402 intended for the customers which get these services, auditors of the customers or associates represent by Boss. It includes a system identification that Boss applies operational, technical and administrative processes.


    The main theme of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System is to show that the information security is ensured in the coverage of the payroll, HR Management and Consultancy, Personnel Hiring, Payroll and HR Software which are carried out within BOSS YÖNETİŞİM HİZMETLERİ A.Ş. (BOSS GOVERNANCE SERVICE INC.) to secure the risk management, to measure the Information security process performance and to ensure the arrangement of the relationships with the third parties on the subjects relating to information security.

    The applications relating to information security concern all of the parties that are affected by all of our work processes, employees, customers, solution partners, suppliers and the consequences of the works which we perform by means of complying with the obligations arising from the agreements and the work obligations, by means of working in coherence with the applications, laws and regulations relating to information security.

    All of assets which belong to our company our shown in the Asset Inventory. The Asset Inventory many change in the frame of the changes and developments which occur in the course of time. The Information security applications are an inevitable dimension of all of the activities realized and reviewed once in a year.

    The continuity of three fundamental elements of the information security management system will be ensured in all of the activities carried out.

    • Confidentiality: Preventing the unauthorized accesses to the important information.
    • Integrity: Showing that the accuracy and integrity of the information are ensured.
    • Accessibility: Showing the accessibility to the information under necessary cases by the authorized persons, related system standards, are related with the security all of the data in written, printed, oral and similar environments but not the data which are kept in electronic environment only.
    • 30.08.2014 / 03

    By means of operating the process of taking up to the customer complaints effectively, BOSS YÖNETİŞİM HİZMETLERİ A.Ş. (BOSS GOVERNANCE SERVICE INC.) targets;

    • To make the undertaking of taking up the complaint carefully, with the process of taking up the complaint transparently and responsibly through which it could reach our company easily at any moment of complaint,
    • To increase and make sustainable the capability of our company to solve the complaints in a constant, systematic and responsible manner and satisfying the complainant and the corporation,
    • To increase the capability of our company to eliminate the tendencies, identification and reason of the complaints and to improve the quality of the service provided,
    • To develop a customer-focused approach in solving the complaints which reach our company and in order to encourage the employees of BOSS YÖNETİŞİM HİZMETLERİ A.Ş. (BOSS GOVERNANCE SERVICE INC.) on the subject of improvement of their capabilities in working with the customer,
    • To provide a sound foundation in order to review continuously and analyze the solution of the customer complaints and the process improvements performed.
    • 11.04.2014 / 02

    Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. adopts the Excellence Model approach in its services. Our goal as a corporation committed to continuous development as a lifestyle and leading in technology and quality is to offer the services that will bring utmost benefit to our customers as the best solution partner, and to ensure the sustainable customer satisfaction.

    Our Main Objectives:

    • Rigorously abiding by the laws and legal arrangements, to keep the quality service understanding at the forefront at all times, to make no concessions on the principles of trust and privacy, to be aware that the way to satisfying our customers passes through happiness and satisfaction of our employees.
    • Providing the best working environment to our employees, to promote continuous development with trainings, and to reduce our costs, to increase our efficiency and longterm profitability, to secure our future, to work in mutual cooperation and trust with our suppliers.
    • To ensure the quality awareness in all activity sites and service units in systematic and regular way, to adopt the total quality management as a lifestyle, and to improve effectiveness of all the processes that influence our service quality continuously.
    • Continuously developing our knowledge and creativity for customer satisfaction, to put forth effective service models and technologies.

    Realizing the business excellence and our zero error targets through Total Quality Management is the duty of all of us as the employees of Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş..

    • 11.04.2014 / 02

    Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş aims the conformity with the requirements regarding establishment of an effective Business Continuity Management System and continuous improvement in accordance with the international standard ISO 22301.

    A holistic business continuity management structure is in place at BOSS for taking effective measures in disaster, crisis or interruption situations, minimizing the operational, financial, legal and reputational negative effects, ensuring continuance of the operations which have been identified to be critical in the targeted timeframe, and reverting to the state before the crisis.

    In case the events which may interrupt our services are at such extent that would endanger human life, protecting human life is of paramount importance and priority for our company.

    For a successful business continuity management, all our employees, suppliers and business partners should be aware of the duties and responsibilities falling to them, implement these before and during the event, and be prepared to such events.

    Responsibilities have been defined within the company for establishment and implementation of the business continuity planning and management system. The company employees are the main responsibility holders in determination of the business interruptions involving the operational processes the are part of, takin measures, and putting into effect the business continuity plan that has been created in advance also with their contributions when necessary, at the right time and free of error.

    Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. undertakes that the practices concerning Business Continuity and Information Security are realized, continuously developed, in conformity with all the legal requirements, reviewed, and continuously improved.

    • 26.10.2018 / 01
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