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  • About Boss Governance

    Boss Governance (Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.) is Turkey's leading Human Resources company and one of the largest providers of combined Payroll Outsourcing, HR Management, SaaS HR Software, and Workforce services. Additionally, Boss Governance is the very first providers of Business Process Outsourcing and Disbursement Services in Istanbul. As a major service provider to many multinational clients, Boss Governance has become the one-stop-shop contractor for their local needs. The company also provides recruitment, expatriate and work permit services. Boss Governance has a long tradition of HR leadership and innovation. Please click here for details.

    Designing better ways to work through cutting-edge products, premium services and exceptional experiences that enable people to reach their full potential. HR, Talent, Benefits, Payroll and Compliance informed by data and designed for people.

    Learn more at www.ADP.com

    Boss Yönetişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. is proud to be a local payroll partner of ADP in Turkey.

    ADP, ADP logo and the slogan "Always Designing for PeopleTM" belong to the registered trademark of ADP, LLC.

  • Payroll Services


    The payroll management services that Boss Governance provides gives customers a satisfactory freedom enabling them to delegate all the payroll management functions. The payroll management service of Boss, outsources the payroll services that companies need with the help of the combination of knowledge and experience of CottGroup® companies and takes over the legal responsibilities. Boss also provides a self-service HR service with the help of payroll software programs it developed and annual leave tracking systems. The need for payroll outsourcing shows itself especially in companies that wants to focus on their core business rather than wasting time with legal formalities and administrative works.

  • HR Services

    İnsan Kaynakları Servisi

    HR outsourcing is the main area of Boss which is one of the most critical elements that must be managed by expert teams of HR departments of companies. According to the needs of the customers, the HR Services of Boss Governance can be listed as; Professional Employer Organizations, business management organizations, applied service procurement, payroll programs that are obtained over web-based HR solutions of the software company. The HR Management qualifications of Boss and its group company CottGroup®, enables the customers to operate their HR functions such as training, Payroll management, employee database management, employee subsistence allowance management, risk management and to focus on their core business avoiding time and money loss.

  • BPO Services

    BPO bordro

    BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing which is the implementation of the administrative works done by outsourcing. For instance, payroll administration, consultancy for foreign investors, expatriate and visa requirements, customer relations management, human resources, providing legal database, etc. are some of the examples of an endless list. BPO Service that Boss provides, is mainly the service which the clients can delegate their certain business functions to a more expertized organization with the help of the combination of knowledge, experience and technology of Boss which meets their needs.

    Please call us for your entity creation needs in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey.

  • CottGroup®

    About CottGroup

    CottGroup®, is a solution center that is consisted of human resources, consulting, personal data protection compliance services and software companies which can provide a lot of services that clients need with a definition of a single service and a single invoice within this combination. Foreign investors can operate their whole processes with a single contact while shaping their investment decisions in Turkey.
    CottGroup® provides incomparable services in both reporting the results and obtaining the administration of services in the whole processes such as office needs, car rental, telephone services, expense tracking of the employees, etc.
    CottGroup®, has become prominent in diagnosing the problems and solutions with the help of its high technology. Our qualified staff who are focused on developing local solutions with their global expertise carries the responsibility of being on the side of our clients.

  • 10 Reasons To Outsource Payroll Management

    Cost-saving: Payroll outsourcing removes the cost for the complete payroll processes of HR departments such as training, obtaining appropriate software programs and qualified staff.

    Productivity: By means of outsourcing the administrative works, companies can focus on their core business and take care of more productive projects and therefore they can establish a more powerful market presence within the global market.

    Accuracy: An outsource company with all the equipment and experience required in its area, removes the negative processes both in the presence of legal authorities and the employee & employer which can be caused by possible payroll mistakes with the help of its up-to-date legislation database and support.

    Reliability: The reliable operation of the HR activities is in direct proportion to the employees’ productivity of the relevant department, therefore the HR processes of the companies that outsource their administration will not be effected by vacations and illnesses of the employees and disruption of labor.

    Speed: With the help having a wide technological opportunities, our company processes even the most complex payroll at a lightning speed accurately,

    Security: The processed payroll are delivered to you in accordance with your business structure so confidentially that the third parties are prevented to receive information.

    Reporting: Outsourcing payroll activities prevents the potential negative processes in in-house activities with the opportunity of applying and determining the payroll reports that are appropriate for your business structure.

    Confidentiality: Payroll outsourcing enables the confidentiality of the salaries and employee records in order to obtain information security.

    Time-table: With the help of a time-table that is prepared according to your cut-off date, pay-date and closing-date which are determined by you, the outsourcing company will take the responsibility of the payroll process and legal liabilities which allows you operate your main jobs in peace.

    Legal Liabilities: All the legal liabilities occurred by the payroll operation process, compensating the potential penalties, fulfilling the responsibilities and recovering the faults will belong to the service provider.

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