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Payroll Services

BOSS Governance Inc. offers you the most suitable configuration during your payroll process after ascertaining the best solutions according to your needs. Working with BOSS provides you the tracking of  the legitimate procedures in the whole working period starting with personnel affairs. BOSS does not only protect you from the possible risks by taking all the responsibilities on itself but also regulates the social insurance reports of all the office premises belong to your company. BOSS Governance helps you eliminate the processes without accretion value in your organization by preparing the reports that your administration needs accurately  on time and prepares you for the risks that may occur in employment and severance process owing to the benefits of both employers and employees. BOSS assists you by examining your payrolls and being an advisor during the employment and termination processes. With the help of taking the advantage of your legal rights, BOSS helps you decrease your costs. BOSS Governance Inc. keeps the salary information privileged and confidential and does not sacrifice privacy. Please click to see 10 important reasons to outsource payroll.

HR Management

In the Human Resources management area, BOSS produces solutions to use human resources efficiently to enable the organization reach its goals. Employing the right people in appropriate positions which means choosing the right people who have the fundamental abilities for  the  requirements of the job and placing those people in the most suitable unit or department and establishing well-equipped systems to enable the employees to improve themselves in their business require technology and experience. BOSS will be your guide in appreciation of the employees , extinguishing demotivating factors and evaluating the performance in a scientific basis and the standards during the process of choosing and placing employees, performance evaluation, career planning, time management and training of your Human Resource Department.

Personnel Rent

Because of the annual personnel budget and the needs of additional expert employment of the clients, we provide both part-time and full-time labor so as to eliminate the possible employment risks and seniority burdens. Within only one invoice of a service, we enable you not to deal with social insurance and the other legal obligations. The outsource facility of this service helps you focus on your own labor process by providing top level flexibility. The advantage of replacing the employee in case of an insufficiency with the same conditions, ensures a quick completion of the process.

International Services

In our time which the trade lane is changing, our company gives professional services to create local entities for foreign investors in Turkey. The key solutions that Boss presents, to avoid barriers in international trade and and investments occur by statuory  legislations and local applications, meet the needs smoothly with the help of its network. The services in this field also consult for providing qualified work force and determining the number and the budget of employees that are required, and virtual office apart from the human resource needs of the foreign investor.

HR Consultancy

BOSS firstly aims to shape the organization scheme by ascertaining the job analysis and definitions after stating the Human Resources policy in its service scope.
After appointing the necessary criterias for planning stuff strength and choosing the right employee, BOSS consults in the process of the featured placement, testing and evaluation. It provides the set up of the optimum system by combining the technology and the knowledge with its softwares that proved themselves in the international arena, or the administrations’ own softwares in setting up the salary, premium and rewarding.

Please contact us to see our references in the field of time management, career planning, and performance managing systems.

Financial Consultancy

BOSS Governance Inc.; gives financial advisory services for both foreign investors who will make investments in Turkey or for both native and foreign investors who already have a businnes in Turkey, by means of Istanbul International Governance and Financial Advisory LLC.

Istanbul International Governance and SMMM LLC., was established by gathering the occupational groups together which work on cost accountancy, stock-control, management accountancy and general accountancy and reporting that is intended to foreign partners in various industrial establishments.
Services in this field are;

Creation and management of a liaision office Creation of all kinds of companies Governancy and accountancy services International reporting

Certified Councillorship

BOSS Governance Inc. presents all the certified councillorship and complete approval needs of foreign investors who will make investments in Turkey or all native and foreign investors who already have businnesses in Turkey with well-known and specialized solution partners. BOSS presents key solutions for such needs by co-operating with a lot of native and foreign governance and financial advisory companies in various price and service categories

Legal Advisory

BOSS Governance Inc. assists many native and foreign investors in their formation in Turkey and legal problems about trading transactions, formation of their companies, emerging and transfer and other advocacy and counselling needs by means of well known law offices.

Besides, we reveal successful results with specialized stuff in-return to work actions about human resources, problematic terminations of employment contract, notice of onels and any other legal problems in the working process.

Business Process Outsourcing

BOSS Governance Inc. has become a company in which the other work processes were outsourced after ensuring satisfaction by its service given in a lot of both native and foreign companies. Supplying different kinds of work functions by only a third party service supplier (BPO) means a single service definition and a reaching key solution services within a single invoice. Click here to see the benefits of business process outsourcing.

Payroll and HR Software

Netkey Informatics Systems LLC. , one of the group companies of Boss Governance Inc., is the solution partner of Logo Software. This partnership develops additional features and Project solutions for the payroll and resources software that involved in Logo product family. Please find further information about the softwares on these links;

Logo Go Payroll

Tiger2 Payroll

Tiger2 Human Resources

For any further information please visit: Netkey - Logonet

Leave Tracking and Self Service

Keeping the information of leave and obtaining the vacation book which is still a statuory obligation , and keeping the updated leaves and revolving leave balances is an important HR function. As an addition to this complex process, asking for the leave on the web and having an approval process and being able to register to the payslip information on- line saves time for the company. Operating this process non-manually minimizes the error risk. Besides, no matter which HR program is used the the employee's being able to obtain his own salary payroll with his own password on the web will assure flexibility and a save in paper. Boss presents genuine solutions by using Professional programs in this branch.

Employee Time Tracking

The syncronization of the Personnel Attendance Controlling System that is both already in service or requested to be set-up with the payslip datas within the present payroll and HR program, exists in our service scop. We asist you in all process from the establishment of the card and fingerprint entrance system to the outputs of it. Our company is specialized in establishing personnel attandance control systems that produces suitable inputs with the legislation by combining the knowledge and the experiences in legislation.

Performance and Career

We provide consultancy services  with our staff specialized in detecting salary standards, helping with appointing the qualified employees for transfers and distinguishing the succesfull from unsuccesful. Our aim in evaluating the performance is to obtain performance improvement in every point of the organization by means of communication.

Today, the companies have to allow career developing programs to benefit from human resources on the high level. Boss is capable of providing the best solutions in terms of its activities in business processes and enhancing the business satisfaction of the employees.


Special Solutions

With the help of the technological knowledge and support of one of the group companies, Netkey Informatics Systems LLC.  ,Boss Governance Inc. develops softwares that are needed in any fields by the enterprises. These structures that are developped accordingly are syncronized with the database and the data process background which are used within the enterprise, and they are kept working constantly.