Pathway: Current Human Resources Summit 2013

Human Resources Summit 2013

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Genel Müdürümüz Sayın Selim T. Akdağ'ın 2013 İnsan Kaynakları Zirvesi'nde yaptığı konuşma metnini altta bulabilirsiniz.



 How Collaborative Technology Can Transform the Workplace

IK Zirvesi 2013


Today nothing is more important than the development, engagement, and inspiration of the people. 

People Cloud is an enterprise social networking platform that combines social, real-time and mobile technologies with modern people processes to allow organizations to engage, develop and inspire all the people they work with - co-workers, partners, suppliers and customers. 


Hundreds of organizations around the globe are using People Cloud solutions to build Transformative Workplaces that can:

  • Accelerate innovation by tapping into social and mobile capabilities to engage and connect employees to the right people, information, and ideas throughout the people network to drive new innovation and faster time to market. 

  • Mobilize their people network for speed and agility to seize new opportunities through complete talent visibility and mobility. 

  • Cultivate a development culture inside and outside their organization to arm their people network with the knowledge they need, when they need it to excel at their jobs, develop in their careers, and drive higher performance


This transformation starts by creating a new kind of workplace called the Transformative Workplace. It is a bottom-up workplace where managers and employees are empowered to take control of their own development and career; where people have the connection to the experts, ideas, and information they need to get the job done; and where people are inspired to greatness.